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Hey everyone! 

For those interested in the sequel to Day One, here's where things stand: in early 2015 I finished the first draft of the second book... and didn't like it. So, I went in and made changes... and still didn't like it. It was good, but it wasn't awesome. 

Then I put it away for a few months to ponder want I wanted to do with it. Simultaneously, work (day job) got busy and so I had very little time to devote to the project. 

This fall I took 2 weeks away from the day job and hammered out a direction and plan for the book. Those 2 weeks of clarity gave me what I needed, which was the realization that I needed to scrap the second book. As difficult as that was, it gave me TREMENDOUS freedom to re-scope the overall project. Within days I had what I had struggled for (knowingly and unknowingly) for essentially 9 months: an outline for a book that tells the entire war story from start to finish. It now had all the pieces I wanted and by writing the entire series in one fell swoop, I wasn't FORCING plot points to conform with events in Day One. 

Is the new book a sequel to Day One? No. It's a telling of the entire war, including elements from Day One. For now, that's all I can tell you. :) 

Will it have characters from Day One? Yep. And more.

When will it come out? When it's done and I'm proud to send the little bugger out into the world on its own. 

More news when I have it. 

- John

ps. if you want to prod me and ask, 'hey, is it done yet?'. Feel free at

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